Tuesday, November 14, 2006

11Things you can do when you are alone in a foreign country

1-Serve Internet


3-Watching TV

4-Blogging, Emailing, chatting

5-Washing your clean cloths (if there isn’t dirty ones)

6-Cooking Pasta at 1.00 am, tomato sauce + onion+ garlic +Parmesan cheese

7-Calling mum home [country]

8-Calling all people you know in the country if they will not bother to receive your call

9-Drinking coffee + eating chocolate

... if you did all this staff and yet feel bored. You can ….

10-Work on the staff you don’t need to work on to Monday

11-Remember all people who could invite you for fun and curse them( you might feel better :)

** I did all these staff Saturday night at my apartment, when I was home alone in Pittsburgh (Saturday 11, 11, 2006)


Ironcobra said...

Aaaauuhhh......homesick........I'm sorry.

elmesaharati said...

you forget to say