Sunday, February 18, 2007


I was able to see the sunrise from my window, but I wanted to see it by the lack-side.
I put off this several times; I was finishing eating the pre-dawn meal and then pray then reading or take a nape.
In that day I insist to see the sunrise by the lack, so I called Manal (my Female friend in the fellowship)
Hi Manal are you asleep?
In a sleepy voice Manal: yes I'm
Me: Oh yes, I just check on you, go go to sleep, sorry
I really really want to see the sun rise, YES Haroon, yes he is the good guy who will come with me, I can't go by my own in dark streets, it's Chicago my dear, nobody knows what might happen in this ten-minuets walk to the lack
Hi Haroon, are you asleep
Haroon: yes I'm
Me: OK sorry, but listen can I ask you a favor, can you come with me to see the sun rise by the lack
Haroon: SUN RISE by the lack !! Are you OK, why don't you go to sleep before going to classes (we used to take 4 sessions a day between 8.30 am t to 4.15 pm)
Me: I really want to see the sun rise by the lack, and you are a gentleman who won't leave me go alone with all the risks in Chicago streets.
Haroon: you know who is the real gentleman.. Wissam (one of the 4 Lebanese guys in the fellowship who used to walk every morning)
OK OK you can go back to sleep, I won't forgive you for this
I won't call Wissam, he is not close, I never called him, and now calling to ask a favor ! it's not nice, why not ! He used to walk and he might be already in his way to walk. OK I'll call him.
Trrrn trrrrn
Wissam: hello
Me: Hi Wissam, how are you, are you asleep or awake (one of the stupid questions you ever can ask, as the person if he asleep he won't be able to answer or even hear.
Wissam: I was asleep but I get up on the ring.
Me: OH, sorry, so sorry, you just go to continue your sweet dreams.
Eah eah, I really wanna see the sun rise by the laaaaaccck eah.
In a while : YES,, Khaled, the kind-hearted guy
trrn trrrrn
Khaled: alo
me: in cheerful voice( good morning Khaled
Khaled: ahleeeen( the Saudi way of hi)
me: my dearest brother khlaed, can I ask you favor? can you please accompany me to the lack because I want to see the sun rise by the lack and I've been abandoned from every body, I tried Manal I tried Haroo...
Khaled : wait .. sure why not when you want to leave ?
Me: now, oohh I knew that, Khaled is my good boy, I knew that, thank you so very very much, may God save you all your kids, all people you love .....
Khaled: see you in the lobby in minutes
me: see you
we met in the lobby, it takes 10 minutes to reach the lack, no drunk men, no thing wrong, we reach the lack, it was so beautiful, three girls, probably students join us in a while to see the sun rise.
It was amassing
the lack mentioned above is the same lack Alaa Aswany mentioned in his new released Chicago is some pix for the sun rise by it, in that morning

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