Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I love my workplace !!

Today I got a printer in my office, I HAVE a printer, my 16 years of struggle have been ended, this reminded me by an old post I had in an old blog about how difficult is it to print one page-document in my work place.

Celebrating my new - used though - printer I'm reposting this post !!

Please notice :

1- I haven't touched this post, it is as I posted it in 2005, five years ago, with funny grammatical mistaks, and funny way of writing.
2- The new generation who will ask what the hell " Flobby disc means" is, please google it, it's quite funny to be historical user of the Technology.

3- Things have changed a bit in my working place, there IS wireless network in the place and scores of brand new iMac.

Guys…. we all didn’t like our schools .. thought the others’ school might be more interesting, we all didn’t like our neighborhood, thought the others’ more comfortable place to live in, but guys. Honestly this is what happened when I want to print out one- page application in my work place. when I found my self saying Frequently ( I love my work place grrrrrrrrrrrr)
Firstly in the Economic department of the oldest Egyptian paper, third world paper; there is no printer; so we use a public one, sharing it with other sections, we (people in the Eco Dep. pple here mean around 40 reporters) use tow Mac, an old one and a new one which knowen as abjure.. Mashi.. Those tow Macs is not connected to the internet…I have been told (when I joint the Dep. some one and half years ago).. the new one of the tow Mac once was connected to internet, but as it is connected to wires at the same time, some colleagues objected that they couldn’t check the wires as, it is occupied by the internet users colleagues… mashi..
Kappart demaghi and as I have my laptop (mabrook) and I use it, I access Internet from home many time for work purposes, I spent a month salary to renewing it recently, without a penny from my organization but.. I still can say mashi
yesterday guys I almost lost my temper…and it all happen when I needed to print a one-page document… but shall I ask a little Q first ...
How long it takes to print a one-page document of your time 10 sec.. 30 sec if the processor sloooow .. Let’s say A whole minuet when you are dealing with a stupid printer? To me it was more more than that…
First I finished working on the document( working on Mabrook) .. Put it in floppy desk, went to the Arab affairs desk (where the only available IBM printer exist) to print it, the printer refused stubbornly to work, I went the foreign desk, asking my sweet colleagues ” can I print a one page document” unfortunately they apologized, they have orders to not allow the other sections’ colleagues to use there printer.. Ah.. I went to other colleague in the lay out desk to check”… is there any IBM printer in this huge building I can use !!!” I’ve spent only a year and a half in this newsroom; there must be vestibule I don’t know where my rescue printer laying there…
He tightened his eyes for a half min then ask another colleague " is there any printer in the place..” after 2 Qs to me from this other colleagues about did I tried the foreign affair& Arab Affair desks' printers he suggested to convert the document from IBM to Mac format then use our old friend aka the public Mac printer in the newsroom)..aftere I take a deep breath as he has no thing to do with my situation I answered him so It took more time to explain that I’ll lose the document format if he did that as it’s not a simple text SO I DO need to print it in the same format.. (Telling myself.. sabah be patient.. you started working in this organization when you was 18 and they make you permanent employee ten years later, so supposedly you used to deal with this slow motion life professionally) … it ended up with me like that … by bringing the ink from a printer in a forth section(don’t ask why I didn’t use the printer directly there at this section there was no body there and the computer was off, when I opened it; it asked me for a password which I don’t have) to the Arab Affairs printer.. Print my document.. Bring the ink back to the fist printer.. Curse all computers, printers, the day I chose journalism as a career and the night I born in.. aaand Went home …
And I’m sorry to end it with the worst part..
It all happened when Alosboa newspaper was running their campaign against our X-Editor-in-Chief& Chief of the board giving details about the unbelievable corruption in my sweet organization, one ofthis details was about his monthly (I repeat MONTHLY) salary was 3 million Egyptian Pound.., while I have no printer in my section eh' :( he even could bring us a printer as donation to the Dep. Where he started his career …
Tow options I have .. Found a seventieth suitor for my mum, to not feel guilty leaving her alone when I flee this country.. or found her a suitor bardo .. to comet a suicide without leaving her lonely widow spending the rest of her life recalling her suicide daughter’s memories….
so my miracle solution is to found a suitor for my mum.... do u feel like help?

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