Sunday, October 23, 2011

The last 19 second of Mina's life !!

It was the night of 31 Jan, 2011, I was sleeping in Tahrir Sq, well not literally sleeping since the Tahrir wasn't sleeping, it was just a little bit before dawn when those two men showed off in front of my camera singing in front of the small group I was standing nearby " Mohamed, Mina, It's amazing to go through the revolution together, further more he [Mubarak] showed be hanged here, right here, memorize this, on this tune we will do morning work out, right here, right here"

The song toke 19 seconds, and the two men went to to another group in Tahrir Sq, to entertain people of the Sq ? or they did that to help everybody to over come our fears from Mubarak brutal regim to attack the Sq?

All I know that Mina passed away, in October 9th, 2011 in the massacre done by Mubarak regim, the regim that killed 1000 Egyptians in two weeks a few months ago, still there, just wearing another hat, green one this time, it was black back then in January and February.

RIP Mina, keep going Egypt, and never forget nor forgive Egyptians

We Shall Overcome !!

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