Saturday, December 17, 2011

Egyptians won't die, Egypt won't die !!

What is happening in Egypt now is beyond words, blogging or documenting. Best people of Egypt are being killed everyday by the people who are in charge of protecting them, no matter the name, it's Mubarak Police or Mubarak Army Forces, who are represented by SCAF ( Supreme Council of Armed Forces ). 

One thing SCAF need to know, people don't die, Mubarak regiem, SCAF's version,  can kill 1000, 2000, a million, Egyptians won't die, killing them won't take a way the reasons behind the grave, won't stop them from asking for freedom, dignity and social justice. Everybody knows that it's all about money and control, the Army generals fighting for money, for budget, for being above accountability !! That's it !! International intervention is not away from the scene, US, Israeli, Saudi, the kings and emirs who can see Egypt's success the largest threat for their thrones  !!

But fortunately things don't go the way, Generals, politicians planed. 

Comment on Mubarak Army's controlled by SCAF attacked peaceful strike in in front of Cabinet , in 16-17 Dec, 2011, killing 8 people and injuring hundreds, the strikers were objecting on appointing a 78 year old Prim Minster and killing tens of Egyptians peaceful demonstrators in Tahrir between Nov 19-24, 2011. 

Pictures: 1- Moderate Imam,  Emad Efat. 2- Young medic student. Both were killed among 8 others yesterday.  

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