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Unfinished Revolution ?

The battle for Freedom, dignity and social justice,  one year on !

(1) Egypt 

When I think about the current scene in Egypt, I see it well descried by the attached graph.

Away from the overwhelming media, political , diplomatic reports, I can see the rival forces occupying the scene could categorized into the flowing: 

A) Forces in charge of pushing Egypt to the future and move it from current scene of being a post-revolution country living the understandable chaos,  into a country where people enjoying their resources and contributing to the world's knowledge, economy , beauty. These forces include:

1) Parliament ( hypothetical one not the one we have now) that would work on paving the way to push Egypt forward by outlining the much needed legal environment for the upcoming changes. 

2) Independent media that would follow the international standards of reporting an participate in the development process, instead of just writing about it, and fearlessly putting spotlight on both people who are trying to put the country on it's knees to revenge for Mubrak regime, and on people who are giving their time, life and money to build their country and help it to raise.

Media that would work to "uncover" the potentials of Egypt, and at the same time "uncover" the bad practices of inefficient decision makers, corrupt business and hypocrites religious clerics instead of only " cover"  the stories that are "liked" by whoever pay the salaries of reporters.   

3) Civil Society that will work on the ground, not to target the international fund and grants, but to target the society needs, and respond to them by giving a hand, on the ground, not giving them speeches, giving knowledge not advices, and giving them logistics needed to help people "practically." 

B) (All Mubrak Men ) who want to keep the status que. and keep Egypt where it is now, even worth, to take it to civil war and implement Mubarak warning " Egyptian People: you have to choose between me or Chaos" MUBARAK   : 

1) Pro- Mubarak Generals ( Both in Army and the Police) 

2) Flul*, who might be normal people but they benefited from Mubarak regime in a one way or another, they are scattered in all society strata, in all fields, and they are from all educational background. 

3) "Thieves", who by documents and evidence, have been robbing the country's resources for decades , those who are pouring money into different activities, some of them legal and some are illegal,"

Now how these forces are " playing" together? 

Parliament is not doing it's job with it's Muslim brotherhood majority, having this said, the parliament reflects the current scene of Egypt, post-Mubarak country that has almost 40% illiteracy, and has the cancer of corruption penetrated all fields, judiciary system, journalism, police.  I'm sure the majority of the current Egyptian parliament members have legal illiteracy that hinder them from practicing their main role of approving, amending or proposing blue prints. 

Independent Media

The current so-called "independent media" are privately-owned and belong to businessmen who were integral part of Mubarak regime.

The "almost" independent media we have now in Egypt are the social media. " almost" because the old forces - aka: B)1,2,3)- using these social media tools too, hiring full-timer staffer to do this job, I will write a post about that titles " FACEBOOK erupts in Egypt, winner, losers, silent forces).

Social media is gain ground everyday in Egypt, getting more and more influence, an evidence can be found when we read a statement issued by Supreme Council of Army Forces ( SCAF) in a reply to a media campaign in Facebook and twitter, the most recent development in social media, the transition from being opinionated-oriented  to information-ornited trend.

Recently some Facebook pages revealed the the fortune of Mohamed Hassan, famous pro-scaf Slafi cleric, Hassan lunched a complain to collect money from Egyptian people in order to replace the USAID, some activists posted pictures of his fancy palace and his Hummer car etc, another page revealed the salary of, Monira Mostafa Elqadi, the wife of Chief of The Staff of Egyptian Army, Gen Samy Anan, she is 63 working in ministry of finance and getting 38.000 LE a month = 12 times GDP per capita in Egypt. 

Mrs. Annan's higher educational degree is three-year diploma in commerce - students in Egypt get after elementary school - however, when she became 60 year old, ministry of finance grand her annual half million LE contract, with no clear job description, or duties, in the last two days there were highly circulated document from Mrs. Annan to her co-worker urge him to speed up the donation campaign among civil servant in the ministry of finance - Hassan campaign- and the document ended in a kind of warning sentence ( and please send us the names of who ever refuse to pay the donation to take the needed procedures) . Mrs. Annan contacted official media to deny that she signed such a document. 

Civil Society 
Civil society played remarkable role in blowing the winds of change in Egypt in the last 6 years, and considered as one main biller to establish the very fragile democracy we are trying to build, it's not too hard to understand why the current government headed by one main alley of Mubarak is cracking-down on NGOs, because Mubarak regime wants to get rid of the Revolution and it's advocates, NGO like Al-Nadeem center and Hisham Mubarak to document violation of international human rights law, torturing and provided legal support for activists.  

Sadly not all of active NGOs working for the cause of Egypt, some of them are having their own "agenda" of owning nice villas in tagamoa khamis ( up scale neighborhood in northern Cairo), or getting very busy twitting about "choosing between fish or Sushi", as my friend Hanan Hagag, a senior reporter of Al-Ahram,  wrote in her column " Let Them eat Sushi".

However, aside from officially established NGOs,  there are hundreds of youth and community initiatives, working on the ground, getting their hands dirty to help the Egyptian community, they are achieving amazing results.

To mention a few of them one, Ahmed Hayman, a photographer, social entrepreneur who used his craft and camera to take profiles pictures of whoever can pay LE 20, and allocate all the money collected to fund providing clean waters to some remora villages, in Delta Egypt, another example the journalist Mohamed Al-Garhey who is working on an initiative called TAXI for good, Al-Garhey touring Cairo tweeting and collection money for charity hospital, " FreeMedia Center" still in FACEBOOK bage satge, working to support media and freedom, " Namaa initiative", summer school for development, " Safia's house" initiated by my old friend and colleague Amal Ewida, working on development, non -traditional eduction on Marg area, very under privileged neighborhood. 

The Future 

The future of Egypt is full of smiley faces and sad faces, there will be tough moment for my country, the battle is not only political one, it's  generation conflict, between the old who wants to stay on power - in home, work and Capinetn- and between the new generation who are inspired to contribute and participate and take their own right of being active part of the scene. 

Sadly, there are international forces working fiercely to hinder the progress of the Egyptian revolution, many Arab country rulers allegedly financing TV channels to spread anti-revolution propaganda. 

The old forces know very well they are going though their last battle, that's why they are getting fierce, fair-less  and human-less, according to many reports, the old forces, or guard conspired the Port-Said massacre where over a hundred young Egyptian were cold-blooded killed, making deals with the Muslim-brothers-controlled parliament, cracking down on civil society and accusing some active social activists of being betraying their country by mobilizing people to demand their rights , using Facebook's War" tactics and campaign to smear political figures, but you know what ? 

Egypt will make it, it's not just being optimistic, it's the naked truth I can see through my observations, communication and most importantly though my heart, Egypt will make it, I know my county, and you don't know the new generation of Egyptian, you don't know them, they able to push forward the world , not only Egypt but the world, look at this pic, that was taken in the occasion of opening photography club, View Finders, in Alexandria .
Photo credite: Mohahamed Dallal 

Feb 24,2012
* Flul : Expression referes to people who worked for,  still support the old regim

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