Friday, March 02, 2012

وائل عتيلي مؤسس خرابيش يتحدث لـ"مصراوية" اكسكلوسيف !!

Wael Attili is extraordinary man, I was following his work in Kharabeesh way before the Arab spring starts, he, along with other jordanian creative people founded Kharabeesh for the first time in 2005, they ran out of seed fund, but they kept working to found THE most remarkable new media company in the middle East, he is 33, I think, his work changed the future of the new media in this region, you will understand what I'm saying when you explore the channel.

I visited Kharabeesh headquarters in Amman, Jordan in Seb 2011, will put more details about this visit in next post, the thing I won't forget that I found a tent, real one in their office " so when any one needs to take rest, take a nape of be isolated, he won't tell me I want go home," I thought that in my mind, but when I asked Wael he told me that one of the staff got it as a gift so he just put it there, tent is the old fashion home in Arabland.

For now will leave you with couple of pictures from Kharabeesh, will add subtitles on video too sson!

This was in-making Cartoon about Assad !

The Tent is Red :)
only in Kharabeesh 

 Cartoonist:  Omar Al Abdallat 

Wael and his Kharabeesh 

Amman, Jordan from the top

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