Sunday, March 04, 2012

One Year Old Revolution Vs 60 Years of Evil, battle stays ON Mr.Friedman !!

Mubarak Government 2006

Mr. Thomas Friedman says Egypt's step back, He was giving analysis on NGO's battle that is just almost ended as it was started, probably as girls talk between Fayza Aboulnaga and her main mentor Suzan Mubarak, since Mrs. Mean Queen is in charge of the country as every loyal wife would do, when her husband got sick, she just run his - dirty - business, right ?

I just have many details about what's going on, I'm not sure it's for the sack of public interest to release it now, I mean about the NGO battle, and how the State-Run media played an integral role in it , but time will come if not now !

The only thing I feel I need to say and post is the above photo, that was published in Al-Ahram April, 2006, yes our " Revolution" is not doing Okay these days, but that's fine, since things take time.

Maybe people are not sure about what will happen in the future, but what we are sure about is Mubarak is not going to role us, neither his son, any more, because he is laying behind his black sunglasses just like another Mafia member.

Maybe some of his cronies  will stay around, but that's Egypt, that's our style in revolting we go slow, take rests, know it's gonna take a lille while here, but it won't be turned - In Shaa Allah- as a bloody mess, Egypt will be - In Shaa Alaah-safe for ever.

I'm sorry  for the super optimistic people, and for people who want to see things happening NOW, but that's how things go in this part of the world, set back and watch us making history, or just go follow up in another country, OKAY ?

And why it's taking longer than expected ? 

Just because it's Egypt !

It's Egypt, we are not changing Egypt, we are changing the world, since Egypt THE most important country in a very important region, changing Egypt = changing the world, that's why we are watching tonnes of money been poured in media now, instead of  in development - and for more detailes I will write about that latter- we are not fighting Mubarak's mafia, we are fighting kings Mafia and Emirs's Mafia, Our own enemies' Mafia. 

There are hundreds of sign of change around here, " heaven in details" , don't just focus with the Egyptian Parliament, which I see as a fair reflection of Mubarak's 30 years era of ignorance and oppression !

We are ready to give our souls - we = thousand of Egyptians, not only the havent's but the haves, the doctors, engineers, writers, old ladies, young girls, everybody-, the battle still on, and it will be for some more years !

1- Al-Ahram ( red circules refers to ministers in prison, black ones to ministers escaped  the country) 
2- online sources 

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