Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Time to Ikhwanising Egyptian State-Run Media" !!

Two weeks ago, the Upper House of the  Egyptian parliament announced new appointments in the state run printed media , it was a little while after the new cabinet was formed with ikhwanist journalist as an information minister. 

That means that the writer of this blog got a new boss, guess who? the very same extreme felul journalist who accused revolutionaries at Tahrir Sq of being agents of foreign forces, back in February 2011. "ha?" did I hear you saying that? well..  Yap the same person who wrote " at the same time we saw foreigners in Tahrir Sq, holding banner saying down with the regiem, cars that have diplomatic tags delivering hot meals to the protesters"

Next day he sat at his office, me, alongside with several colleagues from Al-Ahram, did a sit in in front of his office demonstrating the appointment. 

A group of youth journalists started organizing these sets in when we knew that the Upper House working on these appointments, with roamers that a new wave of pro-Ikhwan journalist come to manage the state-run media,demanding hands off of the Upper House from the state-run media, and strongly petitioning of having a new dependent institution to which all state-run media should belong, managed by and owned.

Even this active group sat a tent in Al-Ahram lobby, and did marches between Al-Ahram building and the press syndicate & the headquarters of the Egyptian Parliament, and held conferences. 

Since the new bosses sat in their offices, they start doing a good job - for "their" own bosses, banning liberal writers, suspending pages - aka cultural page of Al-Gomhoriia newspaper etc. 

The irony that while doing that, the influence of state-run media has been declining sharply for a while, between the flourishing privately owned media - printed and broadcast - and the new waves of the new media initiatives - I know many people around me having Facebook and Twitter as their first source of info and news - I wonder which strata of the Egyptian society Muslimbrothers is targeting with these appointments!!

It wasn't so long ago when the imprisoned Mubarak cut off Facebook - in 26th of January, 2011 - and then cut off the internet, and I wonder if ikhwan-affiliated Upper House's members remember that he, Mubarak, didn't give order to print more copies of the stat-owned newspapers and magazines to offset the anti-Mubarak sentiments,  but simply, as he knew that the influence coming from the new media and simply he cut it off.

But Muslim-brothers group, who actually fired tremendous numbers of its best young and med-age members, in the last 3 years, as a punishment of not complying of the most Ikhwan's respected principal " Listening and Obeying", seems to me totally disconnected from the reality, that the influences of Media shifted almost two decades ago from the state-owned printed media to TV channels - mostly private ones - thinking that the teemed new editors, coloring their publications with support to Ikhawan will make even more Egypian people love and support them, without having the very same basic problems of lacking jobs, good education, health care solved. 

Even more interesting ? the results of giving the job to the outstanding Ikhwan-picked editors have been fantastic, well, I mean to the new media, by feeding new media with very juicy  materials, aka the last cover of " October" magazine showing President Musri as a hours jockey with a title "Revolution is taking off", T H I S cover has it's faire share of public mocking on Facebook and Twitter. 

Well, with all I've mentioned before, Egypt never stops entertaining us with totally unexpected turns in it's historical revolution, time full of "aha" and "eah eah" moments for me, more to come. 

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