Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Message from Egypt

BY : Paul Schemm

It's 6 am in Cairo, I'm setting home, in Dokki, 5 min away from Tahrir Square, it's 29th July, and more importantly, 10 days left from the Holly month of Ramadan.

I just got a message from an old Friend, Saji, a Serilanki origin American, giving me supporting words, and asking me with his nice words, to write my status update in English.

less than an hour, I was talking to myself in mirror, answering myself questions and here is how the conversation has gone :

Sabah 1: what I should do to help my country in this struggle?  my voice is not loud, I'm not the celebrity tweeb who have one million followers, I don't have the needed fame so my words would reach out loud.

Sabah 2 : But you are a writer, you job is to write.

Sabah 1 : I don't want to write anymore, my words, are soulless, they are staying here, they wont change anything around, it's so ugly, unbearable, I must leave.

Sabah 2: But you are here ( in life) to write, your purpose  is to write, and you know deep in your heart, that you don't want to leave … and  you want to do what is you've been commission to do,  to write.

and here is a message for Saji .. to record history, and for you my country

I will write , but before that, I must warn you, my English is not perfect, I only got a chance to learn proper English late in life, I will have spelling mistakes, I have chronicle grammatical issues, but I'm sure my thoughts will reach out for you.

I will tell you how I see things here, as I see them, and my messages are first for my country, then for my friends who are scattered all over  the world, and as well , for myself, to look ten years from now on, how did I see things, how did I feel them, and how tough was the struggle.

I want to write
I want to find out why Egyptian people are in, as some analysts said, square one again.

Even I see what I see that Egypt is now is in " Ground Zero" ...

I want to write how the propaganda machine brain washed Egyptian people minds and contaminated their souls ...

I want to ask some questions
… and I will

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