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Domestic tourism is flourishing in Egypt


Domestic tourism is flourishing in Egypt
Domestic tourism is flourishing in Egypt, depending on youth, middle class or young freshly graduated groups, destinations are mostly the remote areas of Egypt, Siwa, Sina, Red Sea and West desert
The low budget trips are in demand, 4 nights would cost about LE 800, or LE 900 = $ 110 , all included, food, fares, fun, safari
But this is just another under reporter story in the main stream Media, which is focusing on political issues and under reporting the opportunities for affordable vacations, specially for Egyptians who are living abroad, or foreigners, in addition to Egyptian who are striving to know their county.
The state run and privily owned TV satellites focusing on one Egypt, Egypt who is" fighting terrorism" with big slogan on most TV screen, this is of course to support SiSi regime in his battle with Muslim brothers.
But no one is fighting the economic battle of Egypt, tourism is one main source of Egyptian income, with three years of political unrest, this industry badly is suffering badly, and instead of trying to fix the problem some are trying to great alternatives, Saleh Mosa is owner of bedoun camp in Sini is growing organic vegetable when his income affected dramatically from low number of tourists showing up in his camp.
But not only the political unrest, also the same old mentality running the nation in the which is making more harm and damage more than good, for example, Siwa, a small oasis in west desert has hardly held it's national day, happens every year in October.
The head of the Oasis gave excesses not to support the day, the day was long waited for by tourists, who come from across the world to attend it, but the head of the oasis, the police didn't support the day, so the organizers held it for two nights, instead of two, Gamal, owner of Dream lodge was angry with the cancelation because he used to get more guests in the festival time.
I was there attenuated it with some friends, check this link.
Egypt is in straggle, but it doesn't take away from its beauty, it doesn't take away the amazing spirit among youth who insist to connect with their country.
Easy Jet can get you back and forth from Egypt to Sharm Shikh for very little €.
Here are some pages are arranging these trips
Great Escape Holidays
run by Mrgaret Kurpa Margaret Krupa

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